Desperate For Jesus As A Single Mother

Do You Think That I Am Perfect ?

Well I’m not. I am the furthest thing from it. For those of you who don’t know I am a mommy and I love being a mom! Going through pregnancy as a single mother had it’s challenges. But I want to motivate and challenge others to trust God through it.

No Details

I am not going to go into details about what happened because it doesn’t matter anymore.

But What I Am Going To Do

I am going to preach Jesus.. I am going to tell women if you have a baby out of wedlock don’t get a abortion.. Instead follow God. Don’t punish the baby because the relationship failed.. wipe the tears from your eyes and keep going… Having a failed relationship while you’re pregnant hurts.. but God is there to comfort you. If you are in this situation here is my recommendation.

  1. Buy  a fresh new bible
  2. Build a prayer corner
  3. Spend time in the morning and throughout the day praying…
  4. Finally… forgive yourself.. love your baby.. and let it go.



Help me to forgive everyone who mistreated me and hurt me throughout my pregnancy. Help me to let it go and to hold to the hem of your garment. Jesus you are my ABBA, I trust you to wipe away every tear from my eye

according to Revelation 12:11. In Jesus Name, I pray.. Thank God, Amen.

Love Mixed With Faith,

Diamond Sandre’a

(I’ll be posting old photo’s of my child soon because of privacy it might be a while…)

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